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  • 900 yen for pictures for my resume (terrible, were never needed). As I was taking the pictures, the curtain blew open, ruining one of my precious shots. I also got suckered into using the useless “soft-focus, beautiful skin” function, bumping the price from 800 to 900 yen.
  • 30 yen printing fees
  • 3980 yen for two silk sleeveless blouses from Uniqlo
  • 350 yen for train travel to recruiter
  • 5340 yen for a blazer from Gap I never wore
  • 1170 yen in train travel to the company
  • 820 yen for a taxi ride when I walked the complete opposite direction I was supposed to and realized 10 minutes before my final interview
  • 1620 yen for a book on Japanese test preparation for interview tests (Japanese, English, math, and a personality quiz). Bombed the test anyway! No one mentioned it in any subsequent interview.
  • 1050 yen for a calculator for the math portion of above-mentioned test
  • 1780 yen on phone calls with the recruiter + the surprise of learning that my new cellphone plan had no free talk time
  • 2045 yen for a pencil skirt from Uniqlo

19085 yen later, I received a formal offer and tendered my resignation! To new beginnings \o/


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