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So, karaoke. I’m talking about private room, do-you-prefer-DAM-or-JoySound, blacklight space painting karaoke (i.e. Japanese karaoke). Karaoke is the best (?) part of Japan. When I go home to America, I get homesick for karaoke. When I get sick, I get sad because I can’t go to karaoke. I’m pretty sure karaoke has given me nodes. Do you want to go to karaoke sometime with me? Cool! But let’s lay down the ground rules beforehand:

1. ONE SONG FOR EVERYONE. Don’t you dare put in more than one song in a row. Other people want to sing (i.e. me). Mic hogging is the most serious infraction one can commit at karaoke. If there was a death penalty in karaoke, it would be used against people who mic hog.
2. Don’t sing/tambourine over other people unless they invite you to. Singing along mic-less is okay.
3. Try not to look totally bored when other people are singing. Playing with your phone the whole time other people are singing is especially bad form. Chatting with other non-singers is also distracting. (On the other end: don’t sing songs that are super boring??)
4. Don’t take people’s songs. I will cut you if you sing Baby Don’t Cry.
5. Don’t smoke jesus christ i’m trying to sing here

There are lots of other minor ones (don’t sing songs no one knows, don’t sing songs that you don’t know, don’t sing the same artist over and over again etc.) and even the ones above kind of depend on who you’re with (Noji lets me put in as many songs as I want!) But put in 5 songs in a row and you will get exiled from Cote D’azur/Big Echo/Karaoke-kan so damn fast, I don’t even care.

Incidentally, I’m currently prepping this masterpiece for its true karaoke debut.


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