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2013! 2013! 2013!

So the beginning of January 2013 marks my fifth year in Japan. My first memories of January 2008 are catching the flu all alone in my tiny hotel room, googling whether or not I was going to die. At the time, I was pretty sure this was some kind of precursor to death. I went blindly into the drugstore, trying to find some relief, and ended up buying Bufferin (aspirin, totally useless). My first week of school, I would come straight home from class and sleep until the next day, 18 hours. 4evr alone

Then I felt better thanks to BRON (my 万能薬) and my friend Jackie came for half a year to play and Japan was fun again! Right before she left, I met Noji (baton-touch). And I was never alone again! Happy Japaniversary To Me.

One thing Noji and I usually do in January-February is go to DISNEY. It’s the slowest time of the year for them because it’s cold and everyone’s all event-ed out from Christmas, so even on the weekends it’s pretty empty. The day we planned to go was not looking great weather wise (raining and 7-8 degrees Celsius), but we decided to take the chance and go anyway in our warmest clothes. It wasn’t very crowded but the first thing everyone does when they get into the park is get a FastPass for Toy Story Mania, so an entire park’s worth of people cram into the line. In the rain. Dripping umbrellas layered on top of each other, funneling rainwater onto whoever’s diagonally behind you.

It was cold but whatever gaman, gaman. It was an adventure. I had rainboots on, so long as my feet were dry it was fine. Then it started to snow around 11:30am. “Oh, isn’t this quaint, it’s snowing a bit! Snow at Disney!” Then it started to actually stick and then it snowed ALL DAMN DAY. And all the rides practically closed. And it wasn’t 7 degrees but .5 degrees. And it was too snowy and windy to walk beyond the American Waterfront or really do anything except rest quietly with hot tea until our FastPass time for Toy Story Mania rolled around. So we rode Indiana Jones in the morning before it started to snow, ate lunch, rode Tower of Terror 5 times in a row, rode Toy Story Mania, and then left. But the trains weren’t running properly so we sat on the crowded train platform in the freezing cold for 20 minutes before the train came. And then we walked home in the snow trying not to fall and Noji’s feet had been soaked for like 8 hours. It was a bit absurd at the time but once we were home and warm, we agreed it was a decent trip. I don’t think we’ll ever see snow like that at Disney (probably because I never want to go back unless it’s balmy and sunny).

Here are some pictures:

The cast was pretty energetic all things considered. One guy was building Mickey and Donald snowmen and there were tiny Mickey snowmen lining the railing surrounding the middle lake.
Noji died for a little while, grasping onto our last HotHands in his death grip.

Anyway, 2012 was not a great year in blogging for me so I hope I can be a bit more regular with my updates this year. And Sarah and I are going to revamp Feed Your Face and start blogging about all the crap we put on/in our face again soon. お楽しみに♪


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