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It’s a cliche on a cliche– the foreigner complaining about Japanese people insisting that it is quintessentially JAPAN to have four distinct seasons. Let me indulge:

Yeah, so everything is SAKURA in the spring, and PUMPKINS in the fall, but they’re barely distinct seasons. In Tokyo, there are like 5 nice days every year and they kind of come around what you would think of as “springtime” or “falltime” but the rest of it is either raining or a hot mess of left-over winter/left-over summer (i.e. the only two seasons). That said, I really like (the idea of) fall in Japan which is why we had my parents come visit us last year at this time. Leaves changing, persimmons, weird chestnut sweets, hotpot, staticy hair for months, so many HeatTech tops, freezing winds, Christmas music CDs turned on moments after Halloween ends: Japanese autumn, baby.

But it’s around this time of year where work becomes unbearable in its alternating sobusy/sobored and going home for Christmas is just around the corner that it’s so easy to get (dare I say) homesick (for family and Mexican food). Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, too, but it’s never worth it to do any of the foreigner-aimed special dinners because I knows nothing better than my family’s turkey dinner. Time to cry into my 64 oz of Skippy peanut butter (the only valid American way to express sadness).

Japanese has its own Thanksgiving: “labor thanksgiving day” on Friday but, like most all Japanese holidays, is not exciting at all. No turkey or anything. I think Japanese people reserve all the fun traditions and eating for non-national holidays so that they can concentrate extra hard on doing fuck-all for their precious days off. For the record, I am thankful for so much despite my almost constant complaining about basically everything. This weekend is Noji and my 1 year anniversary! (Whoa.) I guess I’m thankful for him, too.


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