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october already

So I was sick, and then I took meds, and I felt better but not great, so I went back to the doctor and got a bunch more medicine, and now I feel better? Maybe? My throat still feels weird, but as my mom will inevitably mention, the seasons are changing. Who knows.

At some point during today and the last time I blogged, it was my birthday! It was pretty nice. We had monjayaki for lunch, went shopping, and got expensive Matsuzaka beef bentos at the depachika for dinner. Other birthday celebrations over the last few weeks included: karaoke with my friend, yakiniku with Noji, and lots of cake. woo birthdays!

Anyway, going back to all the being sick– after Noji and I got married, I added his last name to my “registered alias” just in case I ever found that being a Nojima would be convenient going forward. I have no interest in changing it legally– seems so weird! that’s my name, man!– but having it as a registered alias means I have the option of freaking out Japanese people who only see my name somewhere before meeting me. Which is admittedly not that common of an occurrence?  Anyway, for some reason, all my insurance stuff changed over to my registered alias so now when I got to the doctor or whatever I’m Nojima-san. Weirdest sensation. It takes me a beat before it registers. “Who? OH ME?” The last time I went to the doc, I was by myself and didn’t wear any of my rings, so I hope they were all very confused as to where my last name had come from.

It’s not actually possible to have two surname or hyphenated households when you’re married in Japan (unless one of you is foreign) due to the family register system (but also because of the MAN and patriarchy trying to hold women down under the guise of family values). God forbid we don’t all have the same last name when we have our baby cat, because that would just be confusing.

(I’m not shading anyone who changes their name, mind you, but everyone should have that choice and that is not even an option here so seriously, what the hell).

This post is all over the place! Let me leave you with the incredible Chikuhodo blush brush I just got:
I think it’s the softest thing I’ve ever touched.


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