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I had these grand plans that over Obon, I would catch up on my blogging and comments and beauty reviews, but instead we’ve stayed up until 3am, got up at 1pm, and literally rolled around the house until it’s cool enough to go outside.

We bought a few things for the new apartment, including a new desk which I filled with all my makeup, and a bunch of plastic storage boxes from Muji to hide all our crap under the bed. We had one of those manic “let’s clean all the things” moments at like 2am and slowly but surely things are beginning to look more together. 

Anyway, it won’t all be cleaning and sleeping in. Somehow these made it into my wallet:

Must do something to make this horrible season worth it!


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Noji and I met right before the Olympics in Beijing 2008 and now here we are again. We’re on an Olympic schedule. Nothing like bonding over gymnastics and equestrian!

This year, the time difference means all the good stuff is on late at night, so we’ve been staying up late and DVRing stuff, but Japan typically only gets excited for the events that Japan is good at, which means hours and hours and hours and hours of judo and swimming and men’s gym. But mostly judo. I think I finally know some of the rules (“Why did he just get 101 points??”) but Japan has lost nearly all their matches and for the first time ever, no Japanese men won gold. An American women did though! America has my olympic nationalism all riled up though. U-S-A U-S-A

Anyway, July flew by and now it’s August, insanely hot and muggy like every horrible summer here. We’re about twice as far from the station as we used to live so it’s exhausting to do pretty much anything (besides online shopping!). Next week we have a week off, but what is there to do in 95 degree weather in a walking city? (Catch up on blogging, of course.) There’s such a small percentage of the year where the weather is nice, it’s one of the things I hate most about Tokyo. I don’t remember NY being this hot…

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