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Unsurprisingly, our place is literally no more unpacked then when I made my last post. Things have been busy!

Last week we had a three-day weekend, which for 4 years running, we’ve spent in Gifu with Noji’s family. It usually becomes a Noji Birthday Celebration but this time we had a tinier reason to go back: BABIES! Noji’s brother’s wife had a baby last month, so it was time to pay a visit.

To be honest, I was kind of dreading it. I’m not really a maternal person, babies kind of freak me out. I didn’t want to have the “when are YOU planning on having kids?????” convo that would inevitably come up. ahhhh what if they make me hold himmmmmmmmm various selfish thoughts etc.

There’s something about mixed-race couples that seems to get people even more obsessed with babies. Half babies! Is there anything better! Mixed Race Babies Are The Best! As though our entire relationship is only legitimized by the potential cuteness of half babies. Erikas and Kens. When we waited for Noji’s parents at the airport with their Japanese tour guide, he spent most of the time showing us pictures of HIS half babies (now half adults) and going on about the wonders. “Handsome, isn’t he? Beautiful, isn’t she? You should try your hand at ’em too.” nudge nudge HALF BABIES

Anyway, we ended up only got asked about babies once and no one made me hold the baby and the baby was very cute but mostly just cried and wiggled. So it was not that bad! Then we all went back to work forever and ever and never had fun again.


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home sweet home!

So we have successfully moved! Still surrounded by boxes, but we’re getting closer. Once things are more settled, I will do a little tour of the place, but right now it’s mostly just boxes and bags of clothes.

First impressions:
– Have gone to the grocery store next door (!) basically everyday
– Will die from overeating delicious tonkatsu takeout next to the station
– Water pressure in the bathroom is insane and actually kind of painful? (But better than a low-flow situation?)
– So much shopping close by
– I miss the pizza place by our old house

Packing was a bit stressful but we hired a moving company so the actual moving was relatively painless. Noji did everything else! I was pretty useless. This is the 4th (!) place we’ve lived in; all have had plusses and minuses, but I think we’ll be able to dig our heels in a bit here. MAYBE WITH A CAT???

Anyway, I leave you with Marina and the Diamonds new album, my Moving Soundtrack of 2012:

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box post

All our stuff is in boxes! And bags. And suitcases. And a backpack. Tomorrow we move and reverse this whole process.

I have a lot of Stuff Issues, as in I’m a bit pre-hoarder and form emotional “maybe-i’ll-need-it-someday” attachments to junk (not literal junk!). Especially clothes. So hard to say goodbye! Luckily (but also annoyingly) Noji is pretty good about bugging me to make decisions and toss stuff I don’t use, but this week has been more stressful than I expected. I didn’t throw away nearly enough, but (wishful thinking!) maybe I will be more objective on the other end when we unpack.

So sleepy! So much to catch up on. But first we have to tear apart the bed. -____________-

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