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We’re going to moooooove!

We’ve lived at our current place for 3 years and decided it was time for a change, so we went to ye olde neighborhood real estate agent and picked a place on Saturday that we’d had our eye on for a while. Farther from the station, but closer to work and shopping. And a whopping 50 square feet bigger! Slowly but surely, we are inching (literally) our way up to a big boy apartment.

When I first looked for apartments here, I was: single, foreign, and a student, which meant that no one wanted to rent to me. But now that I’m married and employed, I am relatively more appealing as a tenant! After a quick call from the guarantor company to confirm our existence, we got the word today that our rental application was accepted and we’ll move probably around the end of the month/start of next.

I will miss:
– the pizza place down the street
– the takoyaki place up the street
– the taiyaki place kind of far away

All food. No one is surprised!


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bike post

Incomplete list of dangerous things I’ve seen people do on bikes here:

  • Ride while on the phone
  • Ride while listening to music
  • Ride while playing PSP/Nintendo DS with both hands
  • Ride with an umbrella [in a typhoon]
  • Ride without a helmet (everyone)
  • Ride with three babies (one on the back, one on the front, one in a baby carrier strapped to the rider) on one bike, no helmets in sight
  • Ride the day after it snows and there’s ice all over the sidewalks
  • Ride in really high heels and a maxi dress, taunting the spokes at every turn

Ugh, I hate bikes.

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