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Sarah at The Nomad’s Land and I started a new blog! It’s called Feed Your Face and we discuss all the potentially interesting and delicious things we purchase. Cheq it out!

I just bought the most beautiful stamps! I have so many thank you notes to send. I am apologizing now for the lateness. m(_ _)m (But just wait til you see these stamps!) I got to the post office a few times a week for work so I’m always poking around the new stamps, although I don’t write as many letters as I want stamps for. I am so looking forward to these bad boys here. Watch out for unsolicited postcards!

In addition to STAMPS I also purchased a bunch of essie nailpolish.
 From L-R, Merino Cool, Cocktail Bling, Mini How High, Carousel Coral, E-nuf is E-nuf, Shine of the Times

 Wearing Cocktail Bling now! Lovely grey-ish blue and easy formula.

Unfortunately, I encountered some credit card fraud last week (which was super easy to sort out) and they had to reissue my card, so I’ve been cardless for a while until it comes. It’s like a well-timed forced exile from online shopping! Thanks, person who tried to buy some clothes who wasn’t me.


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happy wedding ♪

This is the first time I’ve ever gone home for such a short period of time (5 days there + ~2 days of travel) and it seriously drained me of every ounce of energy. But so worth it!

I flew in and out of Portland, which was weird. They don’t have the same fabulous duty-free shops as SFO but they did have a nice Mexican food which provided Noji and me with endless tortilla chips and refills until our flight home. “I have to stock up now, because there’s no Mexican food in Tokyo, really.” The look of pity on people’s faces! The flight from Portland to SFO was in a weird tiny plane with propellers.

Going through security, we opted-out of the backscanners and Noji got the longest pat-down in the history of the world. It easily took twice as long as mine, and they even went through all the point cards in his wallet. The whole thing is so stupid and it’s a shame that the protest against them has lost its momentum to the people who value convenience and the appearance of security above all.

Anyway, the reason we went back was to celebrate with family and friends being married ‘n all. Getting married is obviously a two-person affair, but weddings– weddings! are really about bringing people together, which is probably why people hate elopements so much. In this case, it was a small party but included a lot of family we hadn’t seen in a long time, notably my gramma on my mom’s side who came with my aunt a few days early to enjoy beautiful California. Noji’s parents even came and stayed in San Francisco, where they were remarkably self-sufficient despite the whole No English thing. My mom and I went to Cliff House with them and Noji on the first day and had a very San Francisco lunch, right on the water.

The party was a 3-hour lunch at a restaurant called El Paseo in Mill Valley, which my mom and my sister planned almost entirely. The only opinions I provided: Californian food, no tableclothes, no peonies. And it was a lovely party with great food and people, perfect in almost every way except it was scorching. It had been in the 60s and low 70s most of the week, then shot up to 78 on the day of the party with not a cloud in the sky. We sat in the beautiful space outside so the sun was a bit unrelenting but I think I was actually the only one who ended up sunburned and it gave everyone a conversation to fall back on. “It is so warm today.” “Where is the sunscreen?”

Uploading this picture I stole from Deirdre because Noji looks so nice! I always get nervous and look weird in posed pictures.

Afterwards the bulk of us headed to the Hyatt in San Francisco for a mini afterparty and a surprise cake that my sister’s friend baked for us.
(ノ・∀・)ノ ⌒ ┌iiiiii┐(Illustration of me & said cake.)
I was pretty jetlagged and not sleeping well (plus, you know, all the Lost marathon sessions) so maybe not the most charismatic bride? But my sense is that it was a fun and delicious day. Plus we got to stay a night at the Hyatt and had the most beautiful view of the sun coming up over the Bay Bridge the morning we left. Thank you mom & dad & Meagan! (And all of our guests!☆) I don’t think we would have wanted it any other way, other than adding a few more days of shopping and eating and chillin’ on either end.

Next up: thoughts on LOST, Clarisonics. Also, I had a great grilled cheese-bacon-and-avocado sandwich at Boudin, which I feel needs to be acknowledged somewhere.

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return from the dead

After a whirlwind trip back home, I have returned (sleepily) to the real world, armed with several bags of Rolos and a new Clarisonic (more on that later?). We got back on Monday evening and then back to work on Tuesday so I’ve been getting progressively more sleep deprived and grumpy as the week went by. Sorry, Noji!

Speaking of Noji, he went to a friend’s wedding in Okinawa this weekend so I’m all alone with only the last season of Lost to keep me company. Last night, I went on an online nailpolish buying spree and then bought some NARS blush. I am a mess! I cannot be left to my own devices. Today was karaoke and McDonalds with my coworker–the ultimate east-meets-west– but was so sleepy after a few hours that I needed to go home early and tuck myself into bed.

Tomorrow is another day for sleeping in and doing laundry and never online shopping ever. agaaaain. Next up: party recap?

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