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Tomorrow, I’m going home! For a few days, enough time to see my family, blow some cash, and pig out. Is Lost the best thing to be watching right before I get on a plane? Nope! Not at all. I keep having vaguely Lost-inspired dreams with lots of urgency and a strong sense of danger.

To prepare for my trip abroad, I got my hair cut and my nails did:

Just realized the picture I took of my hair makes me look half-dead so I’m respectfully declining to post, but you can see it a bit in the background. The best part of getting my nails done is talking to 20-something Japanese girls I’d never interact with otherwise and blowing their mind with stuff like “Did you know they have Gyukaku in America?” and “I like karaoke.” Afterwards I got one of these bad boys:

“Chocolate cookie crumble frappachino with white chocolate pudding.” All together it was too sweet and cloying and after eating about half of the tall (which was like 6 bucks! so angry now that I’m converting the price in my head), I wanted it to be out of my face so bad.

Anyway, this has been a long 5 months so I am ready to collapse into America’s bosom and relax for a few days. See you on the other side!!


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I started watching Lost last week on hulu and now I am hooked, hence the silence. I can’t type and ponder the mysteries of the universe at the same time. (Mostly I just think about how pretty everyone’s skin looks.)

Next week is Golden Week! One of the three major holidays here with any significant time off. My company gives us the whole week but some (most?) people sadly have only the calendar holidays (Monday off, Tuesday & Wednesday on, Thursday & Friday off ahhh). Noji and I are going to California for a few short, precious days to have a party with our family and eat all the Doritos Locos Tacos we can stand. I have dreams of all the American makeup I’m going to smuggle back. But first I need to find a dress! A surprisingly difficult task. Is a cat dress appropriate for a party??

By the way, it is nearly May and it is still 55 degrees. It has rained every weekend for two months. saaaaaveeeeee meeeeeeeeeee

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After updating my registered alias when Noji and I got married, I ran out of space on the back of my alien registration card where they indicate changes and they told me next time I’ll need to get a new card. They’re changing a bunch of immigration rules in a few months, including these cards, but I think valid ARCs just remain in place until they expire so hopefully my efforts are not in vain. The picture on my original ARC was horrible, from some sweaty bodega photoshop on 43rd and 9th or something that I’d taken the summer before leaving New York for Japan. My ARC would have expired on my birthday this year even if it hadn’t gotten filled up, but “losing it” and getting a clean slate was always kind of an appealing option. The pictures I brought in for the new one are 2+ years old (shh), leftover relics from taking the JLPT, but are at least a step up from “hair plastered to face, eyes unfocused, faraway caveman expression.” Sayonara, gaijin card v1.

Anyway, dropped all the documents off last week but my new card won’t be done until the second week of May (i.e. after GW). You don’t need ARCs for travelling out of the country… right?

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Today was packed with DELIVERIES and LAUNDRY. It howled wind and rain most of the day and dropped back to 45F/8C degrees, not suitable for doing much but roll around the house. Theoretically it’s nearly sakura season but Noji and I don’t drink or really go outside when not totally necessary so we don’t really do hanami. I feel like admitting this could get my visa revoked so let’s keep it on the downlow.

Anyway, back to the deliveries part: Noji and my wedding bands (oop kinda late), some Makeup Forever primer I’ve yet to use yet, and a case for my Kindle. Noji’s ring was too big though so back it goes. CONSUMERISM TIME

I loooove the Tiffany shared setting band but the pricetag is genuinely obscene (~7000USD in Japan for the half carat band in platinum, gorl are you insane?) so I purchased the same style online through a Pricescope-approved retailer in NYC for a relative steal. I don’t want to wear a band with my solitaire so this will be a RHR. (ps best diamond lighting in Tokyo: combinis and Starbucks.)

After getting my Kindle touch, I knew I needed to get a case (it bounces around in my work bag and so far has been fine but I’m not sure how durable the screen is) so I went to etsy looking for a cute sleeve with a real button instead of the more common button/loop ones. I ended up purchasing this one from this shop despite my issues with bicycles (another visa revokable offense??):
Very cute and arrived in a week. Now to find a new series to fill the hole Hunger Games has left in me.

I feel like all I’ve done for the last three months is come home from work and spend spend spend, especially on beauty products. Is this boredom? It must be.

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