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Their songs are what I would classify as “heartbreakingly good.” Listening to Antics makes me feel like I’ve gone home.

Going full circle with the start of the month, I’m still jamming to Lana Del Rey’s album. Her incredible haircape and nails are inspirational.


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day 28: money

Today was payday so a fitting theme! Look at how adorable my cash card is– it even has sparkles embedded into it.

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day 27: something you ate

Cheeseburger at Kua’aina. So good. I wish I had added pickles, but at +120Y it seemed a little excessive?

Only two more days of this meme! I don’t know how I will be able to post anymore without a theme to guide me.

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day 26: night

Spent the day in Shibuya/Harajuku and ate some burgers. I am in constant amazement at how slow people walk in this country. Smartphones have only made it worse. Good night!!

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day 25: green

Green Nerds!

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Close enough. I’m falling behind! Only 5 more days.

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day 23: your shoes

These are most of the shoes I wear regularly (plus one lonely pair of Noji’s adidas sneakers), gumming up our genkan. I wear the Ash sneakers and flats the most. I’m sure all these damned ballet flats are what are messing up my feet but I keep buying new ones like it’s my job.

The best shoe purchase I made were the rubber boots, though. Best 4000 yen I’ve ever spent.

PS I am going to amend day 21 with the following completely to scale Photoshop masterpiece I did when Noji and I got married to show our future life together. Introducing: the dream.

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