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I am too tired to function, let alone write a witty (?) blog post. Recap of the last week will commence after I get a good night’s rest.

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My parents are going to be here in 15 hours!

To celebrate, I got my nails done:

These last few weeks have been crazy and exhausting and I am guessing this next week is going to be the same!

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So this was already a month ago, but for some reason I’ve been putting it off to blog about eyelashes and bags, so here we go.

The Thursday before the wedding was my birthday and the Friday before the wedding was a company party with my work (incidentally, human accident right before the last train meant I had to take a cab home from this party and it sucked), so everything was pretty crammed in and busy that week.

My birthday cake. Pierre Hermé macaron with raspberries, lychees, and rose whip.

First thing Saturday morning, we hopped on the shinkansen to Gifu and spent most of the day relaxing with the fam. Noji’s brother lives in China but he comes to Japan a few times a year, and his wife Koori lives with Noji’s family in Gifu as of about 6 months ago. I think it’s a weird set-up personally and there have been plenty of dramz from this living situation already, but luckily it is none of my business!

Sunday, Noji’s brother and Koori went ahead to the Shinto shrine in the morning to get ready and take pictures. There doesn’t seem to be any “you can’t see the bride until the wedding” convention in Shinto weddings, so everyone just hangs out together until they’re called for the ceremony. Noji’s mom wore a kimono so she took extra long to get ready– you typically can’t put kimono on yourself because they’re so complicated, so she had someone to help her. Then we took a bus (like a full on huge bus!) to the shrine to meet up with Nojibro and Koori. Pictures!!

Nojima Family personal waiting room.
The headpiece she’s wearing here is called a “tsunokakushi” meaning that it covers her mean lady horns (figuratively) to become a submissive wife. Yep, not touching that one.

 Koori said they shrine lady scolded her “no peace signs!” ha
The shrine lady was there basically to fuss with Koori’s kimono.
Noji’s mom

Noji’s cousins on his mom side.
Noji’s cousins on his mom’s side, part 2.
Nojibro and Noji in terrible lighting.
Noji’s other brother and his girlfriend.

After we all took a gazillion pictures, we were called for the ceremony. We lined up behind Noji’s brother in order of familial closeness (dad, mom, oldest sibling to youngest, grams, then extended family), but Koori’s family is all in China so she didn’t have anyone behind her. She was like I am all alone! and the kimono lady was like “Well, yes.” burn!!  Koori didn’t seem bummed about it though. We went up some stairs into the room where the ceremony is done and sat down. The ceremony itself was only about 20 minutes and we weren’t allowed to take pictures. The Shinto priest and priestesses mostly just chanted and danced and then Nojibro and Koori exchanged cups of sake, which symbolizes the blending of the families. This is when it started to get crazy– during the vows, Nojibro started cracking up out of nervousness and proceeded to laugh throughout the rest of the ceremony, making all of us laugh too. “lots of laughs, no tears.”

Afterwards, we went directly downstairs to get the official wedding picture taken. Normally that would be the end, but we got to go up to the main shrine where there was one more quick prayer done. We were supposed to line up like before but people kept moving to the front to take pictures and by the time we got back down to the entrance, there was no line to speak of.

Check out the priest’s crazy shoes.

Nojifam’s favorite joke is all that all the SO’s represent the top 3 GDP countries, America, China, Japan.

Afterwards, we all had a course lunch at a seafood heavy restaurant around the corner from the shrine for the reception. By the time we all got back on the bus to go home, we were so sleepy and fell asleep. A few hours later, we were back on the shinkansen for work the next day. Ta-dah!

PS. I got my cat bag on Friday and the leather was all jacked up on one side. ??? So I emailed Javari.jp, the company that sent it, and complained that they sent me a dud. Next morning they replied saying they’d already sent me a replacement bag that would come the next day, which it did. Thanks Javari! (Also I got 10% off the bag for some reason? Mystery discounts!)

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bag x cat

Hello, new bag! I spent the holiday (Culture Day!) in my pyjamas, internet shopping. If that isn’t embracing culture, I don’t know what is.

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Happy Halloween from the burger I ate a few days ago. Now that we have all this pumpkin stuff out of the way, we can focus on Christmas cakes and Christmas chicken!







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