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on harigusuri

Last week, we went to Noji’s brother & his wife’s wedding ceremony in Gifu, which was fun, but I haven’t got the energy yet to go through and upload all the pictures so let’s talk about something else.

I’m sure that it’s because of some horrible vitamin deficiency, but I get canker sores allllll the time. Growing up, I think we all have this wealth of indirect knowledge of different medicines (/cleaning supplies/cosmetics etc.) to turn to when we need them from what your family uses and some kind of advertising osmosis effect, but in Japan, I’ve had to relearn everything. I have no brand loyalty! I don’t know who to trust. Please direct some advertising at me to navigate this world of products.

So we went to the pharmacy a few months ago to see what kinds of medicine they had for canker sores and instead of some Anbesol to numb my entire face like I would in America, they had stick-on medicated patches. Japanese people love stick-on medicine. At the first sign of any bodily discomfort, Noji’s first line of attack: “Let’s get out the shippus!” Anyway, it was 10 bucks for 10 patches but I was in a lot of pain so I bought the suckers. Then, dropped one of them in the sink.

Anyway, you dry the area and stick them on and then hopefully they don’t fall off. I’ve used them a few times now and they’re not bad, but depending on the placement they’ll either get caught on your teeth or make you want to gag or be too awkward to even put on. They’re really best to wear at night, but then they’ll probably fall off at some point while you’re sleeping and you’ll have to fish it out of your mouth half-asleep or accidentally swallow it and you feel like you have plastic stuck in your throat. Also if you change your mind, you can’t just pull them off until they are good and ready to come off. They work in the sense that they create a barrier and numb the area but I don’t know if they heal it any faster, so I give them 2 stick on stars out of 4.

Here’s a gross picture of me rocking one last week.
(I got my hair cut today, too, but I’ll just refer you to the last time I went because it always looks the same.)


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