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‘phoon time

In my attempt to start switching over my skin care and makeup needs to Japan-available brands, I started using some of Sofina jenne line earlier this year. I bought the jelly moisturizer and the SPF 50 day protector and have been using them for maybe six months. The jelly moisturizer is what everyone raves about but it doesn’t feel that moisturizing to me so I probably won’t rebuy. I love the sunscreen though, which is especially good because I’m having my bi-yearly “do i have skin cancer” google freak out.

Anyway, my sunscreen ran out last week and Neutrogena finally put the last nail in the coffin of my beloved Pore Refining Cleanser so I decided to look into the cleansers at ye olde MatsuKiyo. They have a makeup remover oil and a foaming cleanser so I bought both hoping I would only really need one in the end, but maybe they’re both necessary? Japanese skin care seems to have lots of extra parts, who knows. The makeup remover oil smells so good (but does not taste good, don’t get it in your mouth) and I actually get kind of excited to smear it all over my face at the end of the day. The cleanser kinda foams up and does something, I don’t know; it’s less exciting. I can only assume that between the two, my skin gets really damn clean. I’ve been using them for a few days and my face hasn’t fallen off or turned into a big scab so score one for jenne!

Other things I’ve bought here that I like but don’t know if they work:

  • Weird plastic-y rubber-y scalp massager “head spa” thing that I use when I shampoo my hair, not sure why but I thought I needed it one day.
  • All of the compression stockings and socks I own. What could be better than improving your circulation! My veins will be so strong, not even the longest flight will be able to thrombosis them. The tights make my feel like I have serious restless leg syndrome at work, though.
  • All sheet masks except the snail one, because if that didn’t work, what is even the point of putting snail on your face?
  • L’oreal eyelash serum but this one I believe in. I will illustrate with pictures:

Before (July 2010)
 After (September 2011)
The before picture is not that good but whatever, you can rip this serum out of my cold, dead, well-lashed hands: it works.

In other news, today we had a big typhoon and we got to go home a little early but I think I was the only one who actually made it home because the trains were all crazy. It howled and took down some trees and then it was over. I’m shocked my umbrella didn’t shatter and get jammed into my eye(lashes) when I ran home from the station.


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Mosquitos in this country do not play around. I have three bites on my legs from two weeks (!) ago that, while they no longer itch, you can see the red outlines of the welt they made (especially classy under stockings at work). This baby right here was so itchy, I was sneaking muhi on it all day at work just to get some relief.

Today is my lazy Saturday and I’ve done absolutely nothing. We have a holiday on Monday and a holiday next Friday, so I am looking forward to extending this “doing nothing” over two 3-day weekends. It’s still so hot that things like “going outside” and “moving around” are still not that appealing, anyway? Alternately, it suddenly pours. When we went to the zoo last week (see pictures here), it was so hot and exhausting, I think I got a weird heat rash from sweating and all the animals looked (more?) miserable. So inside it is.

But I can feel the season of tights, tights, more tights! upon us and maybe once it’s back to freezing, 2 degrees days, I’ll be wishing for the mosquitos and heat rash again (no i wont).

ETA: Scratch that “doing nothing Saturday” and replace it with “scrubbing all the floors on my hands and knees Saturday.”

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My friend Jackie came to Japan for the summer so basically we have logged an impressive number of hours at karaoke. Mostly singing this:

And all the Disney songs they have. Rinse repeat! Tomorrow we are switching things up by going to the sad zoo before karaoke. Just to keep it interesting.

Clearly I have fallen out of the blogging habit so I will have to kick myself back into gear. But, not tonight. I have a zoo to prepare for.

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