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long time no blog

It’s Obon! The most beautiful week of the year, other than Golden Week and Christmas vacation. Except it’s too hot to do anything day or night so literally all we have done is sleep and watch all of the TV. We even watched The Little Mermaid, which Noji had never seen before. Slowly but surely, we’ve been renting different Disney films to fill in his gap of media literacy (i.e. all Disney films), but I admit the order we’ve been watching them in might leave a bit to be desired. I think I started him with Robin Hood, which was made for approximately 45 dollars and from recycled Jungle Book frames, and The Rescuers– not exactly the classic Disney films (though still awesome). Might as well watch Pete’s Dragon while we’re at it.

Even though it’s the sweatiest time of the year, our local Uniqlo has started setting out their fall collection. Yes, the only thing I am missing in this 95 degree heat is some leg warmers and a Merino wool sweater.

Anyway, in lieu of me doing anything during break, here’s a couple (huge) pictures I haven’t uploaded yet:

Some stationary by Hütte Paper Works that I bought in Nagano but will probably never use because it is too pretty.
Again, postcards I will probably never send out because they are too adorable. Drawn by marie at toridori.

And uh, my ring. See how I sneaked this in? I did it all, so no crediting Noji. It was my summer project.


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