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Woke up feeling kind of crummy, then went to work only to find my application to change the internet in the office over to fiber optic was missing a whole step. I thought I was applying for the line installation + service, but it turns out it was only the service. Bummer. Everyone in the office is so annoyed with the slow internet (and by proxy, me?), I don’t know if I can handle hearing about it for another week. I was so depressed on my way home, only the cheerful, discordant voices of AKB48 could bring me back. Feeling very ≦(._.)≧ ペコ right now.

No major changes since the snail mask. My face was a bit tacky the next day but I didn’t grow an exoskeleton or anything. My big accomplishment was sending a chunk of money to Citibank to pay off my last Stafford loan. I’ve actually paid down about 10,000 dollars on my student loans in the last 12 months, thanks to the strong yen and the fact Noji and I don’t really do anything except hang out at home. Debt free by 30? Then I can spend all my money on shoes and karaoke instead of stalking the yen/dollar rates. I also got my hair cut this weekend but I realized as I took a picture it looks exactly like my hair the last time I got it cut.

Oh well.


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Hey guys. What’s up? Nothing much, just chilling out with some snail extract on my face.

One of the ladies on my twitter told me she was going to buy some “snail face masks” in Korea and then told me they were kind of awesome? So I went to Loft yesterday and, oh my god!

So like any normal person confronted with the possibility of putting snail on her face for beauty, I instantly purchased it. Asia is pretty big on these sheet masks, but usually they’re made of stuff like aloe and pomegranates, not snails. They always fit weird and make you look like Silence of the Lambs but maybe they work? I don’t even know. All I know is my face is super soft right now. And now I know what you’re all getting for Christmas: mukkis and snail masks.

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Hello! Last week was Noji and my 3 year anniversary! We celebrated by losing on five lottery scratchers in a row and then taking purikura, but it never got sent to my phone because I had it set to reject any emails that have links in them after being assaulted with dirty spam mails for weeks. Plus they removed the sound function and almost all of the curtains from the lame one near our house so there was no warning when the pictures would be taken and also all the 9 year old girls in the game center can totally watch you decorating your pictures with golden poop stamps and glitter or whatever. Worst puri ever. I do, however, like that the purikura machine makers know their audience: the “happy anniversary” stamps are always “happy ____ month anniversary!” stamps.

So instead of us, here’s a picture of a baby kitten in our neighborhood! Can I have it can I have it can I have it can I have it omg

But we ended up renewing our Tiny Mansion lease and will be catless for another two years. 😦 2013, you are so far away.

PS speaking of catless, I taught Noji how to write BOOBLESS on a calculator. This is why we’re going 3 years strong! ❤

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