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keio girl

Today I went to the Keio University Hospital to get my wisdom teeth checked out. Last year, I went to the regular dentist and had them take a x-ray since I remembered vaguely that they were all impacted but nothing beyond that. Result: indeed all impacted! They gave me a referral to Keio… and I put off going for six months. When I gave Keio my referral this morning, the guy actually counted on his fingers how many months it had been, but I haven’t had any symptoms so I’ve been avoiding it. (ps: googling “how long can you use a referral letter to a hospital” in Japanese will give you sanctimonious replies in “yahoo! answers”!) Anyway, it took about 2 hours to be seen and involved a lot of going to counters and then sitting back down. Finally saw the oral surgeon and asked “They don’t hurt, but should I still get them out?” He said “Well, yes.” Oh, okay! Apparently they’re in prime infection position. Sucks.

Tried to get a CT scan today to see just how close to the “feeling in your lip” nerve the impacted teeth are (but I like that nerve the best!), but they don’t do them on Saturdays, so that will have to wait another time. The guy said he’d only take out one at a time (Japanese people cower at the fact it’s common in America to get all 4 out at the same time), but after working myself into an anxious frenzy reading wisdom teeth stories last night, I’m not really worried about the surgery so much as the aftercare so one at a time sounds completely sane to me.

Anyway, asking for a pass on any and all “when I got my wisdom teeth out” stories.

PS. I took my phone in the bathtub yesterday and played solitaire. So uselessly indulgent!


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geekin’ around

Since I just spent the last 15 minutes figuring out how to make screenshots on an Android instead of going to sleep, I present: my home screen! (A work in progress.)


The maneki neko is so far the only paid application I’ve bothered with, but it’s probably the best 82 yennies I’ve ever spent. It’s celebrating President’s Day, by the way.


To bed!

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It’s been about a week since I got my new phone and I finally know most of the things that it does! It is pretty overwhelming going from the totally inflexible Japanese keitai to the customizable-in-almost-all-ways Android phone. On the other hand, being a slave to the Tokyo Metro, I can’t really use it to its full extent on my commute, thanks to intermittent signals in the tunnels. It is like a rush to load as many webpages, send as many texts etc. as you can in the 30 seconds that the train pulls into each station. Supposedly they’re trying to change this (please do!) but until then, I feel I’m missing out on its full potential. (Of course, I’ve already loaded the WordPress application on it!)

Anyway, I am apparently on the opposite plan as Jen B. and her “no frivolous spending” rule, as along with my new phone, I also bought a new wallet– a fancy schmancy wallet at that. Behold, the unveiling.

Fully unnecessary and I love it.

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Yesterday was National Foundation Day, which is I guess equivalent to the Forth of July here except no one celebrates it at all. It was also 30 degrees and dropping rainy snow all day so we stayed in most of the day, only to venture out to look for the new cellphone I wanted.

I reserved one of these bad boys a few weeks ago but they told me that it would “probably be a month” until they actually had it in stock since I was pretty far down on the list. Not to be discouraged, I waited until the release date (two days ago), then we went to one of those hole-in-the-wall keitai retailers near our house to see if they had any. “We might be able to get one for you tomorrow afternoon,” said the clerk. So I signed my life over to them and, as promised, got it today.

Japan’s been a bit slow on the smartphone uptake. The iPhone was released to very little fanfare to the general population, who scoffed “How can I use a phone without emoticons? People will think I’m mad all the time.” But then one day I looked around, and everyone on the train had iPhones and my flip-style keitai was starting to look a little whack. It took a while, but my provider finally put out some smartphones that appeal to what Japanese people are used to in a phone: 1seg television, waterproof, e-money, big-boy camera.

Looking like a creeper.

I’ve only had it for a few hours, but I dig it. Japanese cellphones haven’t really been useful for a few years– Galapagos Syndrome is the current catchphrase— so having a smartphone is a breath of fresh air. You mean I can look at regular websites?!

Anyway, the whole experience was pretty painless and I’m glad I didn’t have to wait a month. Last time I got a cellphone, we went to some teensy apartment in Ikebukuro full of cigarettes and white-ROM phones and paid some creepy dude in cash for it. Good times.

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jesus body

Not sure how to feel that I keep getting all these hits from people searching for “morning lescue.” Are you looking for this?

After that, feel free to watch this:

I like pretty much any CM that has a song in it. There’s one for sanitary pads that even has a chant at the end: MASCARA, KEITAI, CENTER-IN! Yes, if all I had in my bag was some mascara, my phone, and a crappy pad, I would be so set.

To complete my “Japan is weird, guys!” post, take a look at this diet supplement:

Because when I think of Jesus, I think, “if only I had that banging bod.”


PS We made tacos tonight. A+++ would eat again!

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