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Dropped 30 degrees in the last week. Now that it’s getting cooler, the news has let us know of all the horrible after-effects of the hellishly hot summer: the lack of rain means that it’s going to be extra itchy this fall with all the mosquitos coming out; the hot summer is driving bears into towns; fruit is undersized and very expensive; no sanma for anyone, ever. (Insert mention that the fruit is very SWEET, even if it is like 200% more expensive.)

A few days ago, we got a care package from my dear friend Jackie! We had a nostalgic, artery clogging meal of Hamburger Helper and 100 Grand mini choco bars last night. But my favorite part: dino sponges. Of course, my first thought when I think of dino sponges is this episode of the Simpsons (hopefully you guys can see that clip because hulu is very blocked for me). We decided to film the exciting unveiling:

Turns out to be about as eventful as Bart’s experience. Listening to this back, I also am reminded of the Simpsons episode where Bart gets a voice recorder and Marge goes “I sound like that??” after recording herself. I had to rerecord the voicemail message for my office and upon listening to the first run of my recording, my boss was like “They’re going to think we’re breaking labor laws in here.”

p.s. We went to Ikebukuro and noticed they’d kicked out the crap Nenrinya in Tobu and replaced it with a CLUB HARIE. Best baumkuchen in Japan. We bought one and ate it for dinner.


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I was never a huge Disney fan before I lived within public transportation distance to it, but now Noji and I go every few months. It’s like a sickness– an expensive, overly merchandized, fabulous sickness, which is why I’m going to write this unabashedly detailed Disney entry. But I still keep it reigned in– we don’t sit for hours to get a good spot for the parades (I’m anti-parade in general), no Duffy bears which we dress up and anthropomorphize (I’m looking at you, creepy middle aged women), no pictures with the characters etc. I mean, I guess it’s mean to judge people on how they have fun at Disneyland, because it’s Disneyland and we all act kind of stupid once we’re inside, but the Duffy phenomenon kind of creeps me out. It’s barely even a real character!

Which means, yesterday Noji and I went to Disneyland to celebrate my birthday (a few weeks early; I guess we were really celebrating Meagan’s). We usually go to the far superior Disney Sea, but we wanted to see Captain EO and ride the Monsters Inc ride so we hoofed it to the park at 8AM.

We went to Disneyland Halloween two years ago on a night pass to see the Nightmare Before Christmas version of Haunted Mansion (literally all we had time to do– it was insanely crowded that day) and to be hones t decoration wise it hasn’t really changed that much. Lots of ghosts and Mickey pumpkins!

Our main reason for going: Blue Bayou! Every time I ride Pirates of the Caribbean, I want to eat at the restaurant in fake Louisiana so bad. We got a seat by the attraction and ordered their Halloween prix fixe.

Best part: mochi ghost with strawberry and cream cheese whip on the inside, passionfruit/chocolate cake.

Lots of loot. We didn’t buy anything!

Food is always the best part of Disney. These were creamfilled mochis– “little green man” (man as in manjuu, of course). Another we didn’t try but was wicked adorable was an all anko sweet of Mike’s head. Too bad neither of us likes anko.

The first place we hit when we got to the park was to Tomorrowland for Monsters Inc FastPasses. “Ride and Go Seek” is Disneyland’s newest ride– it opened last year– so it’s insanely busy at all times. We got to the FP line about 9:20am, and we got FP for 6-7pm. I’m guessing they were all gone by 9:45am. It’s a great ride, but I wouldn’t wait 5 hours like some people have (not even kidding).

Noji and I taking one of many breaks. It was a million degrees– not really conducive to an autumny Halloween celebration.

Chillin’ with a ghost.

Rest of the pictures can be seen via Facebook here.

To summarize, plusses:

  • Captain EO just because I’ve never seen it and Honey I Shrunk the Kids blew.
  • Pooh’s Hunny Hunt, some weird Storybook-themed Winnie the Pooh ride where everyone rides to different areas so you all get slightly different experiences.
  • Blue Bayou was delicious.
  • Not too crowded, only 40-80 minutes for main attractions which for Disneyland is unfortunately “not that bad.”
  • Randomly rode the Riverside Railway or whatever and got to see… dinosaurs?!
  • Cinnamon churros, just like America.
  • Saw a mysterious lady with amazing posture in a blue suit w/ Disney nametag being asked for pictures by random guests. My incredible google abilities revealed her to be 2009 Disney ambassador, whose job is basically spreading the message that Disney is cool. Best Job Ever. Who needs convincing to go to Disneyland?
  • Running into pretty much the whole cast of Robin Hood.


  • Captain EO’s everything minus Michael’s singing/dancing. Terrifying 80s animatronics and nonsensical space story.
  • Noji yelling “Duck Tales da!” every time he spotted Huey, Dewey and Louie as if it’s their names.
  • Cockroach crawling around the park. Way to ruin the fantasy, dude.
  • Poorly timed nose scratch + mystery photo taking in Monsters Inc ride = a picture hilarious to only Noji.
  • Had a horrible namul/kalbi wrap sandwich at Tomorrowland for lunch, covered in mayo, 5 bucks.
  • Hot. So hot. 1+ hours in the mid 80s heat waiting for Haunted Mansion was the worst decision ever.
  • We could barely walk the way home from the station due to very painful feet and promptly fell asleep for 12 hours upon returning.

Probably the worst part was really that we had no idea where we were going half the time, so I think we must have passed through Adventureland about 70 times. We ended up just leaving at 8pm to go to Oushou for dinner– pretty ghetto but it was damn good gyoza.

Last thoughts:

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