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Today on the train, I saw an advertisement for a magazine that proclaimed “EYELASHES ARE LIFE.” Which brings me to…

About a week and a half ago, I bought “L’oreal Renewal Lash Serum” at Plaza in Shibuya with great hopes that it would make my eyelashes so long and thick and heavy, I would have a hard time opening my eyes. I dutifully put it on every night, inspecting my eyelashes daily for progress. And while I’m less than two weeks in, I’m convinced! They are, if nothing, more conditioned and don’t fall out as much when I’m washing my face. I shall report further after month 1. Noji is probably sick of me asking “Are they different? Are they longer?” already.

Speaking of the Noj, it was his birthday on Tuesday! Monday was a holiday so we celebrated over the long weekend– karaoke, Korean BBQ, Noji playing soccer games on PS2 until he goes blind. Happy Birthday Noji!! Noji’s mom also sent us three (3!) boxes FULL of food as a mini-celebration, so we got about 6 packs of beef, frozen food up the wazoo, fruits/vegetables/snacks– we will never have to go outside again. Which is good, because it’s been 95 degrees every damn day since I can remember. The rainy season ends, only to mark the beginning of a horrible heat wave. Going outside is no longer an option. I stay in the airconditioned office from 9-6 and on the weekends we don’t leave the house until 4 or 5. Even then it is so hot, it feels like car exhaust blowing on us at all times. I also got bit by a mosquito last night going home and now my ankle is bright red and uncontrollably itchy. God, I hate summer.

Tomorrow, we’re going to see Inception and I can finally feel safe on the internet again. In two weeks, Obon holidays begin! Noji and I have big ideas about renting a car and driving around Kanto, but we’ll see if anything ever comes out of them. I’d be fine just going to the outlet malls.


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butsu butsu

It’s finally the weekend!

Today my bag came! But… I kind of hate it. (EDIT: After sleeping on it, okay, not hate it. My liking of it is hindered by the fact that there is a smaller, cuter version of the same style.) Last week I was looking at work bags online because I got a bit of a bonus for the end of the quarter last week and my current bag is a bit big. I found this MZ Wallace bag and hemmed and hawed and finally bought it because Elle Japan’s site had it on sale. Great! Except I actually bought the “big” version. No cancellations, no returns ahhhh! So I thought I’d wait for it to come and decide how I feel about it, but now it is here and it is too big. I guess it looks fine in that picture but then I put it on my shoulder it just looks kind of silly. Everything else is perfect, which is what drives me crazy. Give me the small one! Is this that “avarice” sin they’re always talking about? This is the definition of “first world problems” but it’s still a bummer.

Otherwise, it has been all business over here. This weather makes it hard to get motivated to do much of anything, so it’s been lots of work, lots of looking forward to Obon holidays in August. My bosses asked me if I wanted to take more time off (we have 8/9-13 off) but Japanese people tend to take their holidays at the same time, so even if I took more time off it would just be hot and crowded wherever we go, so I will just be bustling around the empty office come August. I’m eyeing to make myself a Silver Week in September and celebrate my birthday in style.

Speaking of hot and crowded, today I went and got my haircut in Harajuku and went shopping with Noji afterwards, but between the heat and all of the walking around, we got pretty grumpy and fussy and had a crabby subway home. Noji collapsed into bed within a few minutes of getting home and I am waiting for last year’s So You Think You Can Dance to air on Fox Japan. Not much of a glamorous Saturday night. I do like my hair, though.

EDIT: Okay, I don’t hate the bag anymore. I actually kind of like it. Newsflash: I have a lot of crap, so big bags are nice.

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